After a long night of fun, dancing, partying, and going wild, it can be a real bummer to head home. With RideLit RDU, on the other hand, we keep the party going well into the night with our VIP ride services. Whether you’re coming from a game night at your friend’s house or the bar, we make sure you’re hydrated, your phone is charged, and you’re ready to keep the party rolling or simply go home in style. We help you start or end the night in style.

At RideLit RDU, we believe in offering a luxury, VIP experience. It starts once we roll up to you. Your chauffeur will open your car door and offer you water. Plug in your phone to make sure you’re fully charged for the evening. Try on our costumes, select your favorite song from the tablet in the backseat, and let the light show encourage a backseat dance party like never before!

No matter where you’re headed in Raleigh, allow us to pick you up and get you there safely. We turn the most boring part of a normal night out into one of the most exciting with our ride services. Don’t forget to bring your phone for some quality selfies! You’ll want to document your entire experience to share on social media with your friends. Get in touch today to book your personal driver.